5 Great Reasons to Play With Your Dog Regularly

Does your pooch get excited when you pick up his favorite doggy toy? Man’s Best Friend has many adorable characteristics, but his playful streak is definitely one of the cutest. Playing is of course lots of fun for Fido, but it’s also very beneficial for him. In fact, playing with your canine companion regularly is one of the best things you can do for him! In this article, a Westminster, CO vet lists some great reason to play with your furry pal every day.


First thing first: playing is a great way to keep your dog active. Most of our canine buddies need some sort of daily exercise, even if it’s just a short walk. Playing is great for dogs physically, and can help keep your furry friend healthy and strong, especially as he ages. It can also help prevent obesity. Fido’s exact exercise requirements will depend on his age, breed, and weight, so ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Beat Doggy Boredom

Fido is very intelligent, and can easily get bored and restless with nothing to do. A fun session of Fetch or Tag can really brighten up your four-legged friend’s day, and keep him entertained and content.


Dogs are truly amazing animals. Man’s Best Friend is capable of offering unconditional love and unwavering devotion, which are both priceless gifts in our book. However, that special bond between you and your pup has to be nurtured. Playing with your dog is a great way to do this. Offer your furry buddy a healthy snack after playtime to really get that furry tail going.

Better Behavior

Did you know that regular play session can help curb many behavioral issues in dogs? After Fido has worn himself out chasing after a ball or toy, he’ll probably be more interested in taking a nap than in chewing your shoes.

Tail Wags

Last but not least, Fido loves to play, so why not indulge him? That wagging tail and happy expression can be hard to resist! You may find that playtime is just as much fun for you as it is for your dog. After all, spending time with your playful pet is a great way to wind down after work.

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