4 Signs That Your Cat is Sick

Does your feline friend meow at you when she is hungry? Does Fluffy hop into your lap when she wants to snuggle? Kitties may not speak our language, but they can be pretty clear about expressing their wants and needs. Cats aren’t always that up front about things when they are sick, however. While some symptoms of illness in cats, like excessive vomiting or lethargy, can be easy to spot, others can be very subtle. In fact, your pet may instinctively try to mask signs of illness. This can be very dangerous, because you may not notice anything amiss until your kitty is very sick! Therefore, it’s important for cat owners to recognize symptoms of illness in cats. A Westminster, CO vet lists some of them below.


We all know that cats love curling up in comfy nooks and crannies. However, if Fluffy is just testing out a new napping spot, she should emerge when she wakes up, or by dinnertime at the latest. Just like people, cats often withdraw when they don’t feel well. If your furball seems withdrawn, and doesn’t want to leave her hiding spot, she could be ill.

Poor Grooming

One great thing about cats is the fact that they are so clean. Fluffy may spend hours each day carefully grooming herself. However, if your kitty isn’t feeling well, she may forego her usual routine. It won’t be long before her fur starts to show the neglect. If your feline pal’s coat looks greasy, matted, or tangled, she could be sick.

Unusual Behavior

We know, cats are full of cute quirks. If unusual behavior in and of itself was a warning sign, some of our furry patients would be visiting us daily! What you want to watch for is behavior that isn’t normal for your feline buddy. For instance, if Fluffy is usually talkative, and suddenly falls quiet, she may be ill. A cuddly cat that doesn’t want to be touched could also be sick.

Litterbox Issues

Diarrhea, and/or changes in the color, amount, or texture of your kitty’s waste are all red flags. Straining to urinate can also be indicative of serious medical issues in cats, and warrants immediate emergency treatment. If Fluffy is having litterbox issues, contact your vet immediately.

Does your cat have any of these symptoms? Contact us, your Westminster, CO animal clinic, today!

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