DIY Toys for Pocket Pets

Do you have a bunny, hamster, gerbil, or Guinea pig? These adorable furballs can make very charming pets! Although every type of animal has slightly different needs, one thing that these small pets all have in common is the need for lots of toys. These little guys also need to chew, so proper chew toys are also very important. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money keeping your little buddy’s toy box full. Many household items can be upcycled into wonderful pet toys! A local Northwest Denver area, CO vet lists a few great DIY toy ideas below.


Did you know that the cardboard tubes from toilet-paper rolls can make great pet toys? Try stuffing one with fresh herbs or grass hay. Or, cut a tube into rings, and reassemble it around a small treat. Another cute option is to simply take several tubes and stuff them into a tissue box or shoebox. You can even make them into a pyramid. The options are endless!


You can make some great toys out of plain paper! Crumple a sheet up around a yummy treat, or shred some, and put the shreds in a shoebox or a paper grocery bag. You can also just fold paper into various shapes for your tiny buddy to play with. Another option is to crumple up several sheets, and stuff a box or paper bag with them.

Wood and Wicker

Many wood and wicker items can make great pocket pet toys! However, there are a few caveats here. First, don’t give your pet hard woods, like pine or cedar: these are toxic to small animals. Make sure that your furry friend’s toys have been properly cleaned and disinfected. Last but not least, don’t give your pint-sized pal anything with small parts or sharp edges. You also want to avoid anything that is coated in decorative materials, like paint or glitter.

Tunnels and Mazes

Many of our smaller animal companions love exploring tunnels and mazes. You can make your own out of PVC pipe, storage totes, or even out of cardboard boxes. Just cut holes in them, and attach them together in various configurations. (Tip: this can make a great rainy-day project for kids!)

Do you have questions about caring for a pocket pet? We can help! Contact us, your Northwest Denver area, CO animal clinic, today.

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