Life Lessons from Cats

Have you ever noticed your cat looking at you with a smug, all-knowing expression on her furry face? Kitties can definitely be mysterious! Although our feline friends can be quite silly at times, they just may have some valuable life lessons in store for us. Read on as a Westminster, CO vet lists some things we can learn from Fluffy.

Get Plenty Of Rest

If cats had a golden rule, we’re pretty sure that it would be to get lots of sleep. Of course, you probably don’t need to sleep quite as much as Fluffy, who can spend up to 20 hours a day snoozing. However, it is still very important to make sure you are well-rested.

Show Your Affection

Kitties can be rather aloof at times, but they can also be super affectionate. When Fluffy wants to cuddle, she may curl up in your lap with her motor going. Your cat may show her love by following you around, and/or snuggling up with you at night. Show your loved ones that you care about them!

Put Your Best Foot (Paw) Forward

Our feline buddies are very diligent about keeping up with their beauty rituals. Fluffy could spend several hours a day grooming herself. Always look your best!

Express Yourself

Cats can be rather opinionated little furballs. Fluffy will clearly express her wishes when you to feed her, play with her, pick her up, and/or pet her. Your furball will also make her thoughts known when she wants you to put her down or stop petting her. Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

Take Time To Play

As we all know, kittens are basically adorable little balls of mischief. As Fluffy ages, she won’t be quite as rambunctious as she was when she was little, but she’ll still enjoy smacking a catnip mouse around now and then. Even senior kitties have moments of silliness! Remember to take time just for having fun.


Kitties are very curious, and love to investigate new places. Of course, Fluffy is safer living indoors, so her investigations may consist of checking out a closet that is usually shut, or hopping into an empty box or suitcase. Take a cue from your adventurous pet, and go somewhere new this year.

Please contact us, your Westminster, CO animal clinic, for all your cat’s veterinary care needs. We are always here to help!

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