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Office Manager

Theresa used to work as an Operations Manager for a large corporation, but left the company after her husband’s promotion. On a whim, she applied to become a receptionist at a local animal hospital; before she started, a position opened up for the Practice Manager role. The rest is history—Theresa has been using her unique skillset to run animal hospitals ever since! She’s thrilled to serve the pets of the area as Animal Central Veterinary Clinic’s Office Manager.

Theresa is originally from California’s Bay Area, where she grew up as the oldest of nine children. She and her husband, David, moved to Colorado nearly two decades ago and have been here ever since. Theresa’s veterinary journey began at an animal hospital in Boulder, and she went on to manage three other hospitals in the area before joining the Animal Central Veterinary Clinic family in February of 2016.

Around the hospital, Theresa is particularly passionate about client education. For her, the ultimate reward is bettering a pet’s life through educating their owner on proper care techniques! She makes it her mission every day to ensure the clinic’s customer-service level is top-notch.

Theresa and her husband have eight children between them, all of whom live back in California. They share their home here in Colorado with Sampson, a miniature poodle who is getting grumpier the older he gets; a Cocker Spaniel named Honey Bun who sports a Mohawk; and a playful Cocker Spaniel who goes by Auggie.

When she isn’t caring for pets here at the hospital or spending time with her own animal friends at home, Theresa is an avid gardener (she even worked as a florist before getting into veterinary medicine!) and plants a vegetable garden every year. She’s recently started canning her veggies, allowing her to make her own dog treats all year long and donate extra vegetables to the local community center.

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Kennel Supervisor

Megan grew up alongside her best friend’s dogs, and she’s always known that a career in the world of animal care would suit her perfectly. For her, nothing beats getting to spend time around the pets she loves so much while knowing that she’s making a lasting impact in the community! Megan is proud to tend to the area’s four-legged friends as the clinic’s Kennel Supervisor.

A Denver native, Megan attended the PIMA Medical Institute to become a certified Veterinary Assistant. She completed an internship for school right here at Animal Central Veterinary Clinic, and loved the work so much that she decided to stay. In addition to her duties as Kennel Supervisor, Megan is proud to help out as a Veterinary Assistant when needed, and visitors to the hospital might even find her manning the front desk on occasion!

Megan recently bought her first home, where she lives with her boyfriend, Kevin, and her two longtime canine companions, Diablo and Kane. When time allows between work and family life, Megan enjoys relaxing in the great outdoors and doing yardwork around her home.

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Kathy grew up near Parker, Colorado, where her family raised horses and kept a variety of pets around the house. Her love of animals began there, and simply never left! Now, she’s been a member of the clinic family for more than 20 years.

Kathy first became a member of the Animal Central Veterinary Clinic team in 1997, when she walked into the clinic’s former facility and applied for a job. She’s been grooming pets ever since, and also helps out with Technician and reception work as needed since the hospital’s transition to its new building in 2004.

Kathy and her husband have a son, Dylan, a daughter named Carrie, and a wonderful young grandson. They have three dogs of their own at home: a cockapoo, a gentle Newfoundland, and a Mastiff/cattle dog puppy.

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Veterinary Assistant

Chris grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago, where a love of science and animals was instilled in him early on in life. He didn’t consider the veterinary world as a career choice, though, until his college years. While studying to earn his Bachelor’s degree in biology, Chris was hired on as an assistant for a local pet clinic—the rest is history! He’s been working in the animal-care field ever since and is happy to now serve as a Veterinary Assistant here at Animal Central Veterinary Clinic.

Chris started as a member of the Animal Central Veterinary Clinic team in early January of 2017. He loves to learn new things every day, ultimately satisfying his passion for science and biology with hands-on work in the laboratory and examination rooms. Chris also likes to work alongside his talented coworkers in a fast-paced environment—no two days are ever quite the same!

Chris lives with his girlfriend and his loveable Australian shepherd mix, Bernard.

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